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Backbeat Media – A SmartCompany for Planners, Hospitality all Events & Creative Industries

Posted by Event City on January 4, 2009

Nolan Apostle, Editor In Chief
Event City Creative Magazine

I recently had the opportunity to review some material from a company called Backbeat Media. I couldn’t find anyone who knew them, both in the world of Advertising and in Our world. So I decided to look in on them and see what I could learn. What I found, was pretty simple. They have a good idea that is working for them and their clients and this is good. Especially now as the world economy is in shambles, anyway we can make an extra dime here and there, “show me the money”!

At the end of this article you will find an Event City Poll, it pertains directly to companies that are part of the Events & Creative Industries. It will take you about 10 Seconds to answer the question, thank you for participating!



BackBeat Media works under an interactive advertising philosophy distinct from many current targeting trends. Rather than relying solely on inexact cookie technology for tracking habit patterns across an otherwise unspecified terrain, we believe in the cultivation and targeting of online communities. We see the web not as a vast sea of faceless buyers to be tracked, but as burgeoning communities with which the advertiser interacts. BackBeat Media’s boutique networks are designed with these specific communities in mind.

Ok, so what if you are the PUBLISHER? Many Event Planners, Meeting and Hospitality industry companies are “Publishers” and don’t even know it. On a very basic level, publishers are content providers that create usable, positive, content which their visitors or customers can benefit from using.

BackBeat Media was founded with a simple principle in mind: take headaches away from site publishers, and they do it well. They started their business before the word ‘Blog’ really existed, ironically though, that is their target publisher. The individual or small group of people who have a message to deliver, just like us at Event City, there are many links and bits of information for Planners, Corporate PR & Managers, Hospitality, Art and all of the Events & Creative Industries; these people usually know how to deliver information well, that’s a Blogger. Most good Bloggers are great at Blogging, they don’t want the headaches of going out and running the rest of their Internet business.

This is Backbeat Media’s niche, at least from a Publisher’s standpoint. There is much more to the company and you can see it at Backbeat Media Services. They can help you to possibly generate revenue like you never thought possible! Check out Backbeat now!

If you are involved in one of the Events & Creative Industries and have a web presence, please take a moment to answer our polling question below. We promise it will only take a moment.



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Posted by Event City on April 15, 2008

Nolan Apostle – Talent, Producer and Contributing Editor
Event City Live, Event City TV & Event City Creative

Why not? Sure that’s the easy way out. Ask a question give a simple answer. For the last year or so since we have talked to many of our Alpha and Beta testers about being more successful on the Internet we have heard this question time and time again. Why Advertise on the Internet? Why spend any amount of time investing in the Internet besides a website? It’s too confusing. It’s too difficult. Hackers will just steal what we do anyway! How can we earn revenues when there are experts out there doing just that? We will attempt to answer for you all those questions and much more as we visit Ad Tech San Francisco at Moscone Center over the next few days. This is a fascinating subject and the technology behind it all is brilliant!

First things first though. If you are involved in any of the Event City’s industries, the Events & Creative Industries you definitely should be attending Ad Tech. As we cover this three day show in San Francisco, we already realize the magnitude of it’s presence here in San Francisco alone. Social Networking a huge buzz word in general and at the show is seems to be a perfect fit for the Social Butterflies of the City By the Bay. Well as we come to realize there is so much more to “Social Networking” than one might perceive.

Ad dollars are just a part of what Ad Tech is all about. Sure the Goods are where the Gold is, or Cash is King (or is that Cache is King) but is that always true, especially in this day and age? I’m not too certain anymore. Tiny startups to major players like Google, Yahoo, Nestle and Kodak (Yep, even Nestle’s Chocolates and Kodak Film company) are here, and you can bet they are not just Chocolates and no more film for the once gigantic firms. So what are two companies like these doing here? Who incidentally fall into the realm of the Event City’s “Events & Creative Industries“?

Come on down and find out. Or if you can’t make it to Ad Tech San Francisco, please visit their website and learn about Ad Tech’s world tour, probably coming to a city near you. So if you are one of those who think that the Advertising and Marketing world on the Internet is not very important, you better think again; and that’s no threat, it’s reality. Come to Ad Tech and learn, that’s where I will be. Here are some highlights of this great show.

Attendees will converge on ad:tech San Francisco ( April 15-17 at the Moscone Center to attend panel sessions, workshops and keynotes during three action-packed days of learning from today’s digital marketing industry game-changers. Attendees will take away the tools and techniques they need to compete in a changing marketing world, and gain first-hand insight into emerging opportunities with online video, social networks, mobile marketing, digital out-of-home advertising and more.

Hear from four of the hottest stars of online video, including Kevin Rose (pictured) of Diggnation, Ask a Ninja’s Kent Nichols, Jeff Macpherson of Tiki Bar TV and Martin Sargent of Revision3. View the live taping and hear and explore how you can leverage programs like these to expand your own audience.

That’s the key to what Ad Tech can offer. How you can learn to leverage programs like those above, and so much more to expand your own audience, no matter who that audience is. The Special Event, Meeting Planning, Hospitality, Travel, Art, Entertainment, Music, Motion Pictures, Food & Beverage are all industries that can leverage these programs and expand audiences and reap the benefits.

I look forward to attending this show and covering it for all of you, my associates on the battlegrounds of the Events & Creative Industries- the EVENT CITY NETWORK!

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An Unbelievable Occurance

Posted by Event City on February 27, 2008


By Nolan Apostle – Contributing Editor, Producer
February 20th, 2008

Have you ever heard of the saying, “If you build it they will come”? Sure, I bet most of you have heard of it at one time or another. It refers to a business or a storefront or nowadays, an Internet presence or Website. If you build it they will come, quite frankly, if you don’t build it “they” will have nowhere to go….

….one might think.

As many of you know, especially those of you who are previous beta testers and current Alpha testers, we have placed the Event City Network project in high gear over the last few months and things have been hopping, to say the least. Well, our main domain, “” is a pretty plain page. Not much there. I mean, it is STARK! We have a couple of links inviting visitors to become Beta Testers (again, primarily for our 100 or so Alpha clan), on the left column of the page we have some links to our BlogaZine. Ok, that’s it, done. So how is it that we have an above average page rank, since the 1st of the year we received an extraordinary amount of unique visits, and our redundancy rate is very high? While at CES we must of passed out, at the most a couple hundred business cards and post cards, that’s it.

Well, we have been told that what we are doing, our writing “styles”, our domain “interaction”, the keywords and keyword phrases we are using and a bit of “this and that” are our reasons for unwanted success. You see, we really don’t have a site, but people are coming! So what’s our next step. First off, when this happens, and yes, I have heard of this happening over and over again, but you know, it really doesn’t “click” until it happens to you. In fact, it’s almost hard to believe that it actually does work, until you experience it.

So you don’t really do any marketing or advertising, and all of a sudden you have an audience, then what. Of course, if you are an entrepreneur and most on the web are, in one way or another, you want to “monetize” your newly found success. That is what we are going to talk about in the upcoming issues of our Internet Retailing Column and our SEARCHING for Domains – The new Event City Channel created especially for YOU, the Events & Creative industry professional who wants to learn how to add some revenue ideas to their already unique business. We’ll help you understand that this complex world of Internet Advertising, Search Engine Marketing and Domaining is not as hard as you think it might be.

While we’re at it, if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area you might want to visit the Santa Clara Convention Center from Wednesday the 26th of February to the 28th, it’s the Annual SEARCH MARKETING EXPO, an incredible show filled with extremely valuable information for Veterans and Newbies alike. Visit their Website for complete details.

Keep your eyes peeled for complete coverage of this awesome show.

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Sony Online Entertainment’s New Game and Upcoming Retail Events

Posted by Event City on February 1, 2008

By Nolan Apostle, Associate Editor & Producer

Event City Industry’s Upcoming Events and Sony Online Entertainment’s New Game, PIRATES of the BURNING SEA. Exclusive Interview with the creators of the game, coming soon!

Most of you are well aware of our recent trek to the big Diamond in the Desert (What I call Las Vegas – long story about that one)? I know, many of you have asked about our Kevin Costner & Mary J. Blige Photos and Peter Frampton Video – These were awesome shows and you will soon get the exclusive on Event City Live! Plus many interviews – including an exclusive with the creators of the new Sony Online Entertainment game, (Which is a Hot, Hott, Hottt, Hotttt GAME)!


Pirates of the Burning Sea
Check out these screen shots of Pirates of the Burning Sea as well as more to come including the Exclusive Interview with the Creative Team who developed this awesome game.

piratessea-ss44t.jpg piratessea-ss1.jpg

Pirates Screen Shots show the incredible graphics of this new Sony Online Entertainment Game.

piratessea-ss9.jpg piratessea-ss26t.jpg

Swashbuckling Duels & Cinematic Animations make this a winner for Sony – Launching January 22, 2008

Did I mention this was a Hot Game?!

Ok, so we had a great (and an extremely busy) run at CES 2008 – the Consumer Electronics Show and then flew back to San Francisco (in our wonderful ECTV SUV) to make it just in time for MacWorld Expo. A tiny show compared to CES (the Mammoth of all Tradeshows) but what a great collection of Exhibitors showcasing some wonderful products both for Mac and Windows computers. Of course we will have much more for you to see on the CES & MacWorld fronts, but let me give you a glimpse of what you can expect from your Friends at the Event City Network.

My crew is telling me not to let the cat out of the bag quite yet (they want to have all the fun with these great upcoming industry events), so I will let them have at it. OK, but for now I’ll give you a couple of hints –

It’s a Photo-imagers Disneyland come the end of this month. Then sometime soon after you will have the opportunity to join us at this next show which is the CES for the Hospitality industry; one of the Event City Industries biggest and most illustrious Tradeshows ever! And finally – It’s Our party and we’ll cry if we want too, but just don’t miss all the great Halloween and Event industry products at this outrageous tradeshow. Industry insiders and surely many outsiders say of all tradeshows for all industries you will not have nearly as much fun as you will have at this upcoming Halloween and Party show in March 2008!

Keep your finger on the mouse and point it here for many updates on these “Must Do” tradeshows for the Events & Creative Industries(tm). We will keep you posted with all the details on these great shows.

Please don’t forget to comment with your questions, ideas and overall feedback on what we are doing for the Events & Creative Industries.

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FlyTunes – Radio on your iPhone and iPod

Posted by Event City on January 25, 2008

Has anyone heard about FlyTunes?
I read online that it gives you Internet radio on your iPhone or iPod touch.
The FlyTunes website says it’ll be available for other PMP soon.

Posted by Kay

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Google Analytics To Be Supported By ProductCart Shopping Cart Software

Posted by Event City on June 2, 2007

By Nolan Apostle


May 27th, 2007


So are you an Internet Retailer? Do you sell products over the global Internet? Do you currently sell on eBay or some other electronic online sales business? If so, then you probably know how difficult it is to find out where your Web orders are really coming from, right? When someone comes to your site, or one of your many sites and purchases something how do you know where they came from? Until now, if you were using Early Impact’s, ProductCart shopping cart software, just like many using various e-commerce software products for their online storefront, you couldn’t really tell where they originated from.

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GoECart’s Innovative One-Page Checkout To Increase Sales

Posted by Event City on June 1, 2007

GoECart’s Innovative One-Page Checkout Helps Ecommerce Merchants Increase Sales


By Nolan Apostle


May 27th, 2007



Elegance, Intuition, Quick and Easy – do these words define what you might consider an ecommerce experience? I didn’t think so. is making a bet that when you look at their new innovative one-page checkout feature for GoECart® 7.0, the newest version of the company’s turn-key software solution you will think so.


GoECart expects to improve usability making it easier for customers to checkout on GoECart-powered sites, GoECart 7 really does deliver a highly intuitive and elegant ecommerce shopping experience while simultaneously helping web merchants to increase sales. As we shuffle through the software company’s star product, we realize this is an incredible leap forward for this company’s merchandise. This latest version of the “Software-as-a-Service” online store solution helps web merchants almost completely decrease shopping cart abandonment.
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Welcome to Creative Internet Retailing

Posted by Event City on June 1, 2007

Nolan Apostle, Associate EditorHello and Welcome to the new Blog-a-Zine, Creative Internet Retailing, created for the Internet Retail business as it applies to the Events & Creative Industries!

Here you will find many articles and valuable information pertaining to buying and selling products on the Internet that you would use in these industries and their vertical markets:

Special Events, Meeting Planning, Hospitality, Travel, Art, Entertainment, Music, Food & Beverage, Publishing & Printing and Associations (Conventions and Tradeshows).

You will be allowed to review many different types of merchandise, in some cases, prior to them being released to market. We expect to showcase many new and exciting products for your perusal and feedback. Additionally, because you will see many of these products first, you will have the opportunities to purchase them at discounts and be the first on your block to own them. This will give you a great advantage over your competition, and more importantly increase your buying power ten-fold!

Please share with us what you would like to see here and we will deliver!! I am your Associate Editor, Chief Retail Guru, Product Photographer Extraordinaire, and all around nice guy. Do not hesitate to leave your thoughts and ideas on this website. We urge you to be our partner in this Blog-a-Zine, in our Magazine (Launch date Q2 2008) and our Creative Retailing(tm) Email newsletter- sign up at

Now let’s get this show on the road and a happy Internet Shopping experience to all!!!

Nolan’s sig

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